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Life Coaching

Are you at your personal best? Enrich your inner fuel source through the lens of sports. Be inspired by high achievement and learn practical steps to perform at your highest level.

Business as a Sport

Do you manage like a champion? Gain priceless insights for any business from leaders who have succeeded against fierce competition.

Sports as a Career

Could you use an edge for your job or career? Get a leg up by learning from the personal stories and reflections of the world’s top leaders in sports.

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"My management team was not only entertained, but inspired and energized after hearing of the leadership how-to's from sports figures they recognize."

John D., Executive Fortune 500

"Not only has SMI programming been a catalyst for transformation for my clients and their organizations, I've personally and professionally evolved into a new dimension of my career as result of becoming a certified SMI Executive Leadership Coach."

J Daniel Gawrys, Executive Coach

"Collaboration is a word we use a lot during class and during our projects. But listening to the stories of teamwork from established executives in the field of sports makes it real."

Olivia B., Graduating Senior, Sport Management, Isenberg School For Management, UMass

"Behavioral change and growth requires engagement and accountability. The Sports Mind Institute (SMI) brings both of these to the table in a readily useful form."

Ed Drozda, The Small Business Doctor, E & D Associates

"The course is great. It is helping me put into perspective the choice I made to take time out of my career and go to graduate school to enrich and transition to a career of more meaning, value, and success."

Dena Davis, Executive Coach

"The Sports Leadership Advantage Career Certification Course is outstanding. I've completed several graduate level sports management classes however, this class was by far more valuable."

Roger L. Gindlesperger Jr., United States Army Officer with an MBA in Sports Management

"My SMI training is both impactful and empowering. It is reviving some of my leadership skills that I hadn't realized have been on life support for a very long time."

Jo Anna Lovelass, Senior Account Manager in Healthcare IT

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