About Us | The Sports Mind Institute

It has been said that sports do not build character. They reveal it.

SMI was created to capture, curate, and distribute the lessons gained from real life experiences of champions in sport.

These lessons are just too valuable not to be shared. From athletes to coaches to executives, we connect you to the compelling stories that are applicable to anyone’s life or business. The Sports Minds will educate and inspire you!

Sports are a great teacher. That's why most parents get their kids involved in the first place - to learn important concepts like sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership. As we move into adulthood, though, most of us cease active participation and must satisfy our passion through being fans. Ironically, we leave sports and the associated lessons behind, just when they might be most valuable in our own lives as parents, executives, and productive members of society.

So what could we learn from the character of those involved in sports? The ones who faced long odds, the ones who worked tirelessly behind the headlines, the ones who led teams to heights nobody could have imagined...

All of us would relish the opportunity to hold The Lombardi Trophy or Lord Stanley's Cup, but few of us ever will. However, we can learn from the people who have and apply their lessons to become champions in our own lives.

The Gutenberg Press changed the way information could be stored and shared. The internet has changed that process yet again. Most traditional learning is done with a textbook, but those days are over. We've created interactive multimedia courses that will engage you. With videos, workshops, quizzes and more, these courses will be unlike anything you ever did in school.

Just as we consume our sports anytime, anywhere and from any device, you can do the same with the SMI courses.

Teamwork is the name of the game! Nobody achieves greatness alone in sports or in any other discipline, so SMI has created forums and groups for everyone to connect and share.

What is sports without a little competition? Push yourself to new levels of achievement and earn badges along the way. Display your credibility with certificates from specifically designed courses that will ensure mastery of a subject.