FAQ | The Sports Mind Institute

questions frequently asked

Do I need a sports background to enroll in a course?

Absolutely not. Most of those currently enrolled in The Sports Mind Institute are not involved in sports. While our courses utilize sports as a backdrop, the lessons derived from the courses are universal.

How often do I need to participate once I enroll in a course?

You are free to learn at your own pace. There are no deadlines, and the courses never expire.

Are the courses taught by a professor or an instructor?

The courses are designed by a leading academic expert and comprised of multiple modules. Each module contains a short pre-assessment, a video lesson, a brief post-assessment and two playbook exercises. Additionally, live Webinars are held with special guest instructors.

Do you offer tuition flexibility and allow installment payments?

Yes we do. For more information please email us at info@thesportsmindinstitute.com.

What type of technology will I need to take courses?

Just an internet connection! The Sports Mind Institute courses are available via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Will The Sports Mind Institute courses help me get a job in sports?

If that is your goal, The Sport Mind Institute courses offer unique content that will give you an edge in an extremely competitive environment. Learn from the people who have succeeded in the field – how they did it, what they look for, and what challenges they face. Furthermore, you can gain unprecedented access to some of the Sports Minds via live webinars while also connecting your fellow students on the forums, Facebook or LinkedIn groups.

How will I apply what I learn to my career?

The courses are designed to be applicable to your career, regardless of your field. Important themes, like leadership, teamwork, preparation and many more are woven throughout the lessons, in addition to concrete and practical ways in which the Sports Minds themselves applied these themes to their careers.