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sports as a career

Are you seeking an internship or full-time job in sports?

Undergraduate students, graduate students, professionals or anyone looking to break into sports, The Sports Mind Institute is designed to help get you there.

How can these courses help me

SMI courses are designed to help you land a job in sports:

  • Learn from the personal stories of those who made it
  • Gain insights about how to navigate the sports landscape
  • Show a commitment to continued education
  • Enhance your resume with an SMI Certificate
  • Add to your library of sports knowledge
  • Be inspired by the people who have done what you want to do

Worried that the Medieval French Poetry course you took in college won’t help land you your dream job? Show potential employers that you’re serious about wanting to work in sports. Everyone, even George Costanza, wants to work in sports, but not enough people actually DO something about it and distinguish themselves from the pack.

Take the SMI courses, earn a Certificate, and prove that you’re serious about sports as a career.

Badges & Certificates

What is sports without a little competition? Push yourself to new levels of achievement and earn badges along the way that will mean more than your last fantasy league championship. Display your credibility with certificates from specifically designed courses that will ensure mastery of a subject.


Learn how people in sports are wired. How do they work? How do they think? What do they look for in potential employees? Glean insights from our Sports Minds to gain an edge in the interview process.

1:1 Coaching

Need help with a resume or preparing for an interview? SMI coaches can help you through the process to maximize your chances of landing that job.

Groups and Forums

Get a chance to dialogue with others just like you!

Job Board

Visit often! Opportunity can be scarce in the sports world, so SMI provides updated listings of available positions across all different industries that touch sports.

Free Sports Assessment