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"My management team was not only entertained, but inspired and energized after hearing of the leadership how-to's from sports figures they recognize."

John D., Executive Fortune 500

"Not only has SMI programming been a catalyst for transformation for my clients and their organizations, I've personally and professionally evolved into a new dimension of my career as result of becoming a certified SMI Executive Leadership Coach."

J Daniel Gawrys, Executive Coach

"Collaboration is a word we use a lot during class and during our projects. But listening to the stories of teamwork from established executives in the field of sports makes it real."

Olivia B., Graduating Senior, Sport Management, Isenberg School For Management, UMass

"Behavioral change and growth requires engagement and accountability. The Sports Mind Institute (SMI) brings both of these to the table in a readily useful form. Their powerful video programs coupled with your journaling and reflection are just what the doctor ordered to elevate your focus and to help you bring your goals to fruition. You must check out SMI; I believe you'll not only be pleased but you'll be amazed at your ability to unleash your potential."

Ed Drozda, The Small Business Doctor, E & D Associates

"The course is great. It is helping me put into perspective the choice I made to take time out of my career and go to graduate school to enrich and transition to a career of more meaning, value, and success. It is helping me see that the success part is where I am right now. The success part is very dependant on that business edge that I have that has been dormant during my graduate school experience that last two years and its time to get it back out of hiding so that I can accomplish my goal of being more successful in my newly transitioned career that came out of enriching my career from graduate school and put it all into play full force right now!"

Dena Davis, Executive Coach

"The Sports Leadership Advantage Career Certification Course is outstanding. I've completed several graduate level sports management classes however, this class was by far more valuable. It was a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insight and advice from current industry executives. It enabled me to gain a better understanding of what it takes to prepare and succeed in the sports industry. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a job in the sports industry."

Roger L. Gindlesperger Jr., United States Army Officer with an MBA in Sports Management

"My SMI training is both impactful and empowering. It is reviving some of my leadership skills that I hadn't realized have been on life support for a very long time."

Jo Anna Lovelass, Senior Account Manager in Healthcare IT

"This course taught me more in 2 weeks than I learned in 2 years pursuing my Sport Management degree!"

Sara K., Intern, Boston Celtics

"Thank you SMI. I finally gained the courage to make a pivot in my career path. Once a financial advisor I am now on the road to pursuing my dream...working in the sports industry."

James L., Associate Professor, Sport Management, Stony Brook University

"I just purchase an iPhone 6 yesterday and continued the course from it. Wow what a beautiful platform that runs so nice from my device. The videos are crisp and clean and the interface works so well. Now I can take my SMI professors with my anywhere and the best thing about it is that they are literally in my pocket when I need them!

"Serious access to amazing and accomplished people. Thank you for the inspiration."

Frustrated Employee, Fortune 500

"It has exceeded expectations, the playbook questions are beyond a typical question, a student might have seen before. They are thought provoking. Every time when i review my responses, I always find myself tweaking and added to my responses making them more, clear and/or in-depth. The playbook questions get me to think about things I haven't yet thought of or haven't yet been asked.

"Very deep and has helped me cover areas in my life where I have been afraid to address which have prevented me from moving forward."

"Great challenging and thought provoking."

"I came into this course with very high expectations and they were exceeded due to the quality of the course. I had a great time taking this course.

"These leaders in sports cut to the chase and shared valued lessons we are using to coach ourselves to even higher performance."

"The lessons that inspired us helped our team realize that business obstacles can be seen through a sports lens. From that angle we all felt more capable; it helped us focus on getting better in managing others and doing the work."

"We realized that to "turn pro" you focus on feedback not feeling bad but skill development and that's what was pretty magical. We all started looking at our owns performance as if we were all members of a sports team. It was a big shift for many."

"Our retreat was engaging, in part, because we had this content and there was something for everyone--even non sports people agreed."

"Athletes adapt."

Alex and Ani, SVP

"Exactly what I needed to take the leap I've always dreamed of taking. Is there any way to keep SMI on the down-low until I score a job in sports before others take your courses?"

Lucas W, Law School Graduate